What EPA Data are Important to You?

By Malcolm D. Jackson

In May 2012, the White House released the Digital Government Strategy. This document outlines how all federal government agencies will work to make information and services easily accessible on the internet anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This means you will be able to find and share information that is important to you and your family, as well as tell us your ideas.

Here at EPA, we are working to make our data and information available to you. You can search our datasets on Data.gov, participate and share your ideas at our discussion forum, and learn about our programs at our website and our social media sites.

Part of the Digital Government Strategy is to ask you what EPA information and services are most important. Here are the questions we need your help on:

  • Today we’re always on the go and often need to access information on our mobile devices whenever, wherever. At EPA, we’re working to make it easier for you to access our information and data on your mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. But, we need your help. What EPA information would you like to be able to access on mobile devices?
  • In addition to bringing more information to you via mobile devices, we’re working to make more of our information and data available via APIs (application programming interface). Making our data available via APIs will allow the public to use our data and incorporate it into other websites and applications. We already have an APIs for our Envirofacts database. What EPA information, data, or applications would you like to us make available via API?

Please share your answers in the comments below. You can read more about how we are participating in the Digital Government Strategy and Open Government at our website.

About the author: Malcolm D. Jackson is EPA’s Assistant Administrator for the Office of Environmental Information and Chief Information Officer.is responsible for IT operations and security, information quality and collection, and access to environmental information.