Follow-Up: Why Do You Drink Bottled or Tap Water?

About the Author: Dominic Bridgers was a summer intern in the Office of Public Affairs.

I usually drink whatever is convenient for me. If I’m in the house I will fill the glass up with tap water, but if I’m on the go I think bottled water is more convenient.

Tap: easy 113, cheap 97, taste 63.  Bottled: convenient 63 taste 33, health 23I collected data from the July 7th Question of the Week, “Why do you drink bottled or tap water?” The majority of the bloggers responded that they drink tap water primarily because they have easy access to it, you think it’s healthier, it’s cheaper than bottled water, and it tastes just as good as or better than bottled water. However, some of you prefer bottled water over tap water because it is more convenient, it tastes better and you think it’s healthier.

Thank you for taking your time in responding to “Why do you drink bottled or tap water?”