Spread The Word: Cutting Your Costs from Climate Change

Green For All and The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Few of us can afford extra expenses. And yet every day we all are paying a high cost for the effects of climate change, and likely don’t even know it. More and more often, what we used to call “natural” disasters aren’t natural at all. They are the costly results of man-made decisions that allow pollution to adversely affect our planet’s temperature, atmosphere and weather. An issue that once seemed of little consequence in our daily lives is now hitting closer to home.

When you’re paying more for heat and air conditioning to stay comfortable during “record high or low” temperatures, you’re paying for climate change. Or when the cost of fruit, vegetables and other food staples goes up because of severe droughts and floods in America’s agricultural zones, you’re paying for climate change. And those of us who’ve had the devastating misfortunate of losing loved ones and homes even to hurricanes, super storms and other natural disasters that seem to occur more frequently know that the costs of climate change are far too high. More