Watching Robins

By Janette Mieles

Every so often, during the spring, the sheltered underside of our backyard deck becomes a nesting place for birds. When the summer starts up, we clean up and remove the used nests. Once in a while, we find eggs and, when we do, we’ll leave them be until the birds have hatched and flown off.

This past May we were prepared to clean up the empty nests when we came across one that was still occupied by four blue Robin’s eggs. I took a series of photos of the eggs and hatchlings, with great care so as to avoid an attack or abandonment by the mother Robin. By Mother’s Day they had all hatched and one-by-one have flown away. 

About the author: Janette started her career with EPA in 1988 working in Human Resources and is now in the Region 2 Division of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance. Outside of work Janette is the mother of three children who keep her busy with their afterschool sports and in her down time she enjoys planting and volunteers at St Paul at the Food Cupboards.