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Earth Month Tip: Recycle

2014 April 3

A series of daily tips throughout April.

Did you know that recycling reduces carbon pollution? EPA estimates that our current national recycling efforts reduce carbon pollution by 49.9 million metric tons of carbon, which is equivalent to the annual carbon pollution from 39.6 million passenger cars!
Still, there’s more to do. Recycling in your home helps conserve energy and cut carbon pollution. Calculate how much energy you save when you recycle here:

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  1. Ajay prasad permalink
    April 5, 2014

    Recycling is essential to both natural environment and human begin. Recycling waste not only reduce the pollution but also help save energy.

  2. Enviro Equipment Blog permalink
    April 7, 2014

    I have always maintained that the best way to encourage people to recycle is to show them how much money they’ll save by doing so. This new iWARM widget is a great tool to do just that.

  3. electra permalink
    April 9, 2014

    Can you make it clear to me & others why my doing this would make a difference? I don’t see the immediate benefits in my house or neighborhood. Here’s my wish: That my company REQUIRE employees to turn off lights & appliances when they leave. That my company make it a value in the organization. That my company programs for me the internet/computer settings so that the margins on emails and documents are much narrower so that less paper is wasted. That my company visit my place of work & personally talk with employees about the value of recycling, then visually inspect each worker’s garbage can to see if they are recycling. That my city would actually enforce recycling laws in place & give fines as often as they ticket cars for parking. That my city would develop ways that thousands of cars were not displaced & milling around every day creating air pollution while the street sweepers were sweeping what the citizens are responsible for cleaning 18” from the curb. And that the curbside gleaning was not illegal & termed a derogatory “scavenging” when perfectly good pieces of furniture were taken home to be used in one’s house, thus rescuing it from a dump site. Unless we see this climate change as a crisis now, & act with urgency we will have an extremely high price to pay later. I feel doing my part alone is doesn’t seem worth it unless we all do it.

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