EPA’s Themes – Meeting the Challenge Ahead

Considering our accomplishments over the past 4 plus years, we have a lot to be proud of at EPA. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Agency employees and leadership across the country about our priorities, successes, and – most importantly – how we can build on them going forward.

That’s why last week I released seven guiding themes for EPA, listed below. By allowing these seven key themes to guide us in the months and years to come, EPA will endeavor to uphold its commitment to the American people – a commitment to science, the law, and transparency – paving the way for us to meet the public health and environmental challenges that lie ahead.

  1. Making a Visible Difference in Communities across the Country: We must make our work more relevant in people’s lives, broaden the environmental justice conversation, and address communities that need public health and environmental protections the most.
  2. Addressing Climate Change and Improving Air Quality: We will heed President Obama’s call to action on climate change. We will take commonsense steps that will not just protect people’s health and the environment, but drive economic growth, create new jobs and spur innovation.
  3. Taking on Toxics and Chemical Safety: We must update old chemical safety laws so our industry partners have a clear, fair set of rules – and so we can stand up and confidently say we are protecting the American public.
  4. Protecting Water: A Precious, Limited Resource: We must update our aging water infrastructure and water sources – protecting clean water and providing safe drinking water to communities around the country.
  5. Launching a New Era of State, Tribal and Local Partnerships: Good government and the reality of fiscal constraints require that we develop stronger, more efficient, and cost-effective partnerships with state, tribal, and local leaders.
  6. Embracing EPA as a High Performing Organization: We will leverage the opportunity to innovate, to improve organizational practices, to work smarter, and to focus on results.
  7. Working Toward a Sustainable Future: We will develop long-term solutions, re-frame the way we do business, and be more effective and efficient in protecting public health and the environment for future generations.

These key themes celebrate our achievements while broadening awareness of EPA’s vital role in protecting public health and the environment in each and every community across America. I look forward to continuing our important work with my EPA colleagues all across the country.