Six Months of Six Words for the Planet

By Jessica Orquina

It’s been six months since we started Six Words for the Planet with SMITH Magazine. During that time, you’ve submitted some fun, creative, and thoughtful essays. I’ve enjoyed reading the many different views and ideas. Here are six of my favorites:

  • Inspire change. If not you, who? – Tailwind
  • One earth. Many nations. One Future – Kadidia
  • One person can make a difference. – vkshoulta
  • Stay Strong. Be Bold. Have Hope. – Metalsmith1
  • Acciones inspiradoras protegerán el medio ambiente (Inspired action will protect the environment) – Lina Younes
  • Around the world in six words – Staraj

Reading through the essays, it was interesting to see the trends. People wrote about hope, celebrating the planet Earth, and the necessity for everyone to work together toward a sustainable future. You can read all the submissions to Six Words for the Planet at the SMITH Magazine website.

I want to thank SMITH Magazine for working with us on this project. I look forward to continuing to read the inspiring thoughts posted to their website, six words at a time.

About the author: Jessica Orquina works in the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education as the social media lead for the agency. Prior to joining EPA, she served as a public affairs specialist at another federal agency and is a former military and commercial airline pilot. She lives, works, and writes in Washington, DC.