Greetings from Liberia

By Jeffery Robichaud

We have been lucky to have some great interns work for our Water Monitoring group over the years, and I know that the staff definitely miss them when the leave and head back to school.  I just received an email from our 2011-2012 intern, Andy, who graduated from KU this Spring and headed off to Africa as a member of the Peace Corps.  He just got back from Liberia a little earlier than he had expected.


I hope the past four months have been well for you all, and I bet that sampling this summer was interesting. I heard it has been extremely dry here in the Midwest. Unfortunately the ankle injury that had me in a boot this spring did not heal as the doctors had thought, and I have recently been sent home from Africa back to Kansas to see an orthopedic surgeon. I had a great time during my short stay in the Peace Corps as a physics instructor and hope to re-join once my ankle is fully recovered.
I have been wanting to send you all an email, but there is little to no internet access where I was at in Africa. The living conditions were very basic, and after drinking filtered and bleached rain water for four months, I really appreciate the water quality we have here in America!
These are some of the pictures I have taken in Liberia, West Africa. I thought you all would find the first picture extremely interesting – it is the Republic of Liberia Environmental Protection Agency HQ in the capital city! A nice green building.

I’ve asked Andy to help out with a blog post or two about his experiences in Liberia and with EPA as an intern.  And the picture of Liberia’s EPA building makes me again appreciate our new EPA office, although I am quite partial to this color green (Go Seahawks!)

About the Author: Jeffery Robichaud is a second generation EPA scientist who has worked for the Agency since 1998. He currently serves as Deputy Director of EPA Region 7′s Environmental Services Division.  Much to the chagrin of all the Chiefs fans in the office, he roots for the Seahawks.