Comments on: Carpet Beetles are Welcome in my House if it Means not Having Bed Bugs! The EPA Blog Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:58:31 +0000 hourly 1 By: Vanruff Wed, 20 May 2015 16:07:29 +0000 Same systems here too! And have not found one dr who takes it seriously. Multiple tender bumps on my head and the crust like scaring. Never had any of this before.
Now reading in different searches people with similar systems.
A derm. Apt is 3 months out! Crazy.
I believe they can & do burrow but can’t get any answeres. Besides dr./ who don’t want to even look into it before blowing it off as crazy!

By: homelesscat Sun, 29 Jun 2014 14:58:02 +0000 hi Miranda,
I think you have to make sure they are not on your body as well. I don’t know if washing clothes in high temperature helps, guess it will to a degree. I read that u have to soak your clothes in bleach, but that always cant be done. are they in your furniture. I would be tempted to move with the clothes on my back and throw everything out. do u have them in your car? stay in a couple of different hotels and make sure they are off your body. I know it sounds far fetched.
I sold my house and moved, a year ago, not knowing much about them. I threw everything out, except car, plus they were still on me and I didn’t know it. they seem to follow me where I go. hopefully it’s not the case with you.
after I eat, I look around my lips and find them on there having a snack. last night I found one on my eyebrow. I realize that you shouldn’t believe everything u read, but most of the stuff does relate to my experience.
good luck Miranda…keep us posted

By: Miranda Wed, 25 Jun 2014 10:53:46 +0000 Hi all,

Well, it seemed to be getting not so bad – they weren’t in my room as much, although I spotted them elsewhere in the house – but I decided to move anyway. When I went to check out the new place, I made sure to check for any of them and didn’t see any. I am already paying rent for the new place and still have one month rent to pay at current place but I don’t care because it means I have time to go through all my stuff and wash it at high temperature then use a lint roller on it afterwards to remove any possible trace of them. I will be moving stuff over gradually to prevent anything bad happening. This morning I woke up in my current house…there was a beetle stuck between my back teeth. It had obviously crawled in while I was asleep. I was so freaked out.

Could people advise if washing at high temperature and then using lint roller is a good idea to make sure that none ‘come with me’? Will be wearing light-coloured clothing when moving as well so I can spot any that might be on me and prevent them coming too. If anyone has other tips in relation to moving I would be very grateful to hear them.

By: homelesscat Tue, 17 Jun 2014 02:31:37 +0000 G…..not sure what to say, if pest has been identified I guess u at least know what your up against. being on the third floor kind of seems impossible (but I know its not) to have carpet far as I know they are around bees/wasp/bird nests. maybe u need to have your place sprayed again.
I feel sorry for all of us, life is tough enough at times without living with something like that.
the only thing I can suggest is moving, making sure they are not in your skin or your hair, clothing, shoes, leaving everything behind/garbage, get rid of the car.
i would stay in a few different places to make sure they don’t hitch a ride with you. wash with lice shampoo, change clothes often til u r rid of them. I know it’s not an easy thing to do, it’s like starting your life over again. I am not saying i am right, but i certainly have thought of it.
thought i had carpet beedles as well, i find out tomorrow for sure, but i think they are bird mites.
what a way to live aye. the pits.
take care…

By: d Mon, 16 Jun 2014 00:58:11 +0000 same problem
a year ago i had carpet beetles
both kinds black and striped
i am exhausted as i live 3 stories up
i dragged down all clothing and injured my legs
washed dry cleaned etc

have wood floors have a cat

didnt want bad poisons llord got an exterminator//sprayed the least toxic good control poison without residue
i vacuumed like crazy put all craft stuff in garbage or in freezer for 3 weeks
they were in spices, in crafts , and in my conversion van..exterm wouldnt do my van i sprayed it with cedar from wondercide nothing has worked..i had it detailed…
they are BACK a year later

I put my bed mattress up against the wall every morning and leave a light on in corner in lamp at nite
they congregate there and i kill them …I spray them with non toxic VETS BEST spray and that immobilizes them// i then pick them up with a tissue
i vacuum alot
I threw out 2/3 of my clothes

i am petrified they are in my storage unit
i pick up my blankets and put in container during day and i am not bitten at nite anymore

entomologist said they are almost impossible to kill
wrap precious items in muslin, put in ziploc,and put in freezer for 3 weeks thats what he said
i had craft items of value that i did this with //any important feathers etc
but now they are back
they got into the strings that hold beads together
thats how bad it was

everything is bagged
i vacuum thecat hair asmuch as i can and if you rub your sheets down with alcohol that works
spray vets best around on the floor and they hate that and stay away
hope this helps

By: homelesscat Sat, 14 Jun 2014 18:03:29 +0000 hi ladies,
I have these buggers on my windowsill as well. but as I said before I believe they are birdmites which can infest home and are supposedly hard to get rid of. do you have black specks around your house? I have been put clear plastic tape on bugs that I find on mattress cover. have another exterminator coming tues june 17/14 to identify again and look after the problem, so he says. he has dealth with them before. I must admit sometimes these pest companies don’t know what they are talking about, not for everybody, but it happened to myself.
clothes I don’t know, I think u can wash them but the bugs will go on them again. I had put de powder in clothes in bags, actually they are still there.
I will ask the pest co. when he comes.
did the pest co. spray already for the carpet beedles?
I went to wallmart in Canada and bought hartz ultra guard flea & tick carpet powder to try..put in my couch and underside of it. I swept up the powder and there was a lot of black bugs mixed in with the powder. I am not sure about inhaling this stuff though. I tried calling to company, but not open today 1 800 275 1414. this powder seems to work for the mites…hooray…but it’s not over yet. don’t want to put it on my bed yet.
I have put de dust in between the baseboards, as I have lots of space, they hide in there and the undersides of furniture, plus computer.
if you feel static on your legs, get a sticky lint brush and roll it on your legs and bottom of feet and see if anything is there. with mites it’s hard to see, so try it wont hurt.
dollar store has them for $1.00
my lips are swollen and I have found some mites on them and in my mouth.
friends said go to hospital and get it checked out…so I went…the intern on call said bites could be mosquito, which I know there are not. they really are quacks. they just don’t know anything about bugs.
also I mentioned to him should I see a shrink, as my son doesn’t believe me and has pressured me to go. I talked to a nurse in the crisis centre for an hour about problem. she talked to dr. and said yes. I know in my heart that I am not delusional, but it seems that no one wants to believe that something like this can happen to us and u really cant talk to anyone as they do think your nuts. have an appt july, also they have a crisis centre where you can go and sleep I think up to 10 days to get relief. I don’t know if that is the same in your area. getting no sleep really affects your health
I do know that carpet beedles do not bite, but the skin or something can rub up on you and it feels like a bite. do u have any bite marks?
do they swarm on your legs and feet, hair at night?
going to the gym, I find it’s the only way to keep my sanity.
keep me posted and stay positive!!!! I know its difficult..don’t let them get the better of you.

By: JoAnne Fri, 13 Jun 2014 13:50:01 +0000 Miranda, the larvae stage can last from 60 days to a year according to what I have read. Usually landlords are not responsible for pest control unless the situation is severe; depends on your lease, regulations on housing in you area, etc. Once I rented a house from a builder who was in the process of building a new house for me. The first night I slept there, I woke up with itchy legs. When I turned the light on, my legs were all covered with black spots and red bites, I was absolutely mortified! It turned out the house was infested with fleas! There was no lease, so I left the house immediately, and the builder did some work on my new home for free to compensate me.

Maybe your landlord will work with you to alleviate your carpet beetle problem, but if he doesn’t, consult an attorney to see what your options are. Good Luck!

Maybe your landlord will work with you regarding the carpet beetle problem, like my landlord/builder compensated me for my inconvenience with the flea problem. Good Luck!

By: Miranda Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:54:02 +0000 Hi homelesscat (and everyone):

I had them identified by an expert, he says it’s the stripey carpet beetle (so not lice/fleas/bedbugs/black carpet beetles).

I am at my wits end – I got a new vacuum cleaner, moved the bed that was so heavy, saw no sign of any infestation underneath but vacuumed it anyway, and guess what? They came back. The expert I spoke to said that they can’t hibernate for long so they would only have gotten into the house recently – but I don’t believe this because there’s no way they could have got in – I would have noticed – and I have always cleaned the place, the previous people never did.

I read online that if you wash clothing at 140 degrees farenheit (which is 60 degrees celsius) then it will kill any trace of them that might be on your clothes. Is this true? Because I am considering washing everything I own and then bagging it in zip-locked plastic bags. Could anyone please advise if this is a good idea?

Lastly, given that these are the adults, what will happen once summer is over? Do the adults lay larvae and then that could be easily vacuumed up? Cos it seems no matter how many adults I vacuum and kill, more appear, and I was wondering when this will stop and I just don’t know anything about their life cycle

By: Miranda Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:46:16 +0000 “these guys pop up all over the place and they usually munch on some fibers and take off. You won’t notice holes in clothing or anything, the amount of they eat is practically microscopic”

Is this definitely the case with the stripey ones? Those are the ones that have infested my house, I find them everywhere and kill loads every day and vacuum but they still keep coming back. And I’m worried that all my clothes will get eaten by them

By: JoAnne Tue, 10 Jun 2014 15:56:32 +0000 Hi homelesscat and everyone,

The exterminator came and confirmed carpet beetles, gave me glue traps for monitoring, and told me he would come back and spray if many beetles were found in the traps. It has been a little over a week, and each windowsill glue trap in four rooms has two or three dead ones, I see a few more dead ones outside the traps. The carpet beetles I found on my bed sheets are probably from my window because my mattress is right below it. The good news is the exterminator has never seen a carpet beetle infestation in my area (NYC suburb), so I am wondering if infestations are more prevalent in warmer climates, I only starting seeing them when the warmer spring weather started in NY last month. The exterminator checked my house inside and out, gave me some tips on how to improve some things to avoid unwanted pests, and will come back to spray for bees/yellow jackets at my request. He said I was very lucky not to have rodents, termites, etc. I was very impressed with him wanting to monitor the carpet beetle situaion slowly, and not pressuring me to pay for treatment. Uh, ho, I just plugged in my tablet in the surge protector and a carpet beetle crawled out from under it, the protector is on my wood floor, maybe I should get sprayed to avoid more of them coming in.