Environmental Ideas, Six Words at a Time

By Jessica Orquina

It’s been three weeks since we launched Six Words for the Planet with SMITH Magazine and I’ve been delighted how many people shared their stories. I’ve enjoyed reading the thoughtful and creative six-word essays you’ve shared. Here are two of my favorites so far:

Perform a random act of sustainability.
George Sosa

Sweetest tweets still come from birds.
Melesha Owen

Earth Day may have gone by, but our collaboration with SMITH Magazine continues. I encourage each one of you to take a few moments, write Six Words for the Planet, and share your story.

For more information about Six Words for the Planet please read my previous blog post: Six Words for the Planet: What are Yours?

For inspiration to write your own Six Words for the Planet, watch the slideshow below!

Do you have Six Words for the Planet to share? Go to www.smithmag.net/planet and submit your six-word essay today!

About the author: Jessica Orquina works in the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education as the social media lead for the agency. Prior to joining EPA, she served as a public affairs specialist at another federal agency and is a former military and commercial airline pilot. She lives, works, and writes in Washington, DC.