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Becoming Part of the Solution

2012 April 23

By Brittney Gordon

Earth Day 2012 has come and gone and many of us marked the day by making private commitments to become better stewards of the environment. These lofty goals are a lot like New Year’s resolutions–and sadly they are usually completed with the same dismal success rate. This Earth Day I have a challenge for you. Put your energy savings were your mouth is and make a public commitment with ENERGY STAR.

EPA’s ENERGY STAR program just kicked off its 2012 campaign and we are making it easier than ever for you to make changes both big and small to protect the climate. If you are looking for a way to become part of the solution, we have everything you need to stay in check all year long.

Step One: Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge! The pledge is a great way to commit to making simple energy changes in your home and community. Over 2.8 million other Americans have already signed on, so you will be in great company. The pledge even links to special offers by ENERGY STAR partners that will help you accomplish your goals.

Step Two: Check out the Map! The ENERGY STARs Across America map is brand new for 2012 and includes energy efficiency education events all over the country. Find one in your area and get the support you need to fulfill your goals.

Step Three: Share Your Story! We know that many of you are already saving energy and striving to fight climate change. Well grab the video camera (or a still camera) and show the world how you are doing your part! We will put your story on the map for everyone to see.

Step Four: Join Team ENERGY STAR! Sign your kids up and let them see how easy it is to save energy at home. EPA is providing fun tips and tools to help spread the energy saving message to team members and their families. Kids can share their stories too, and they may earn cool rewards!

Ready to get started? Just go to ENERGY STAR’s website and get ready to make a difference! While you are at it, check out our brand new video that shows you exactly how to get started.

About the author: Brittney Gordon is a member of the ENERGY STAR communications team. She has worked for EPA since Fall 2010 and manages ENERGY STAR’s social media channels. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed here are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.

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  1. MARY ANN MAHONEY permalink
    April 23, 2012

    The Energy Star website is excellent with lots of very useful information. Is there a Spanish version?

  2. April 25, 2012

    I have the best Earth Day song written to date. It is referenced in Wikipedia, and has gotten over 13,000 hits between Knol and YouTube, (5,000 hits on YouTube, 8,000 on Knol).

    Most important, it does not infringe another artist’s copyright. I wrote the original lyrics and piano arrangement.

    Every other Earth Day song I have researched either infringes copyright, is hard to sing, or written for children.

    Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” melody is already the official anthem of the European Union (in that case purely instrumental without lyrics), the melody is widely recognized and easily performed, in the public domain, and originally composed for voice. (The piano arrangement is also easy to play.)

    Anyway, you can check out the lyrics with piano arrangement at:

    Thank you!

  3. June 6, 2012

    I agree as well. The energy star program has really come a long way. Shedding light on energy consumption and making people aware of what they are using are just a few highlights.

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