The Lorax | Speaking for the Earth

By Teresa Ippolito

OK, I’ll admit it.  I have been called a “tree hugger.”  Not that I actually run around throwing my arms around any tree that I happen to see.  But I do care about the earth’s environment.  So call me a tree hugger and let me stand there right next to the Lorax!

Whether on the big screen or in the Dr. Seuss book, the Lorax is proud to speak for the trees and for the earth! 

Join the Lorax and EPA by doing your part every day!

However, speaking for the earth is one thing and DOING for the earth is something else.  We can all take that idea and act on it. It isn’t that tough a thing to do. 

What might the Lorax do?  Well, first of all you should feel proud to speak for the earth. Then do some ”speak for the earth” things EVERYDAY.  How about turning off lights when you leave a room, making sure your computer and monitor are turned off when  you leave your workstation or classroom, look for the Energy Star symbol when buying electronics, and, the ever popular, turn off the water while brushing your teeth. 

Pretty much anything that is good for the trees, is good for the earth and it’s good for the air, water and land we all need.

So, go ahead, hug a tree, help the Lorax and let your actions show that you are speaking up for Earth!

About the Author: Terry Ippolito serves as the region’s Environmental Education Coordinator out of EPA’s Manhattan office.  A former science teacher and school administrator, she brings real world insights into the challenges and delights of teaching about the environment.  Terry holds a B.S in Biology and a Masters in Environmental Health Science.