We Want to Hear from You!

By Lina Younes

For more than a decade, EPA has had a Spanish presence on the Web in order to provide information to the Spanish-speaking community across the nation. The Agency has always made an effort to provide relevant information on key environmental issues to Hispanics so together, we can fulfill our mission of protecting human health and the environment. However, the Web content in Spanish has only been a fraction of what is readily available on EPA’s main website. After months of hard work of reviewing our Spanish content, we have just given a new “look and feel” to EPA’s Spanish portal. Not only did we want to make the website more consistent with the experience that many have when they visit our English pages, we also wanted to make sure that we offered the relevant information needed for the Spanish-speaking community to make informed decisions about its health and the environment. Do Spanish-speaking consumers find the environmental information they are looking for when they visit our site? Do small businesses find the information needed to adopt green business practices? Do teachers find useful tools to develop lesson plans that will foster environmental education in and outside of the classroom?

We have also made a concerted effort to bring the new Spanish site into the 21st century by developing the latest social media tools in Spanish and readily displaying them on our site. We are proud of our new page, but we want to hear from you! That’s why in cyber-speak we decided to go with a “beta launch” or also known as a “soft launch.” Why? Because we plan to continue developing this page to make it better. We want to add additional content in Spanish that will serve your needs. We want your feedback regarding how easy it is for you to navigate through our new page and if you find the information you are looking for most often. Do the pictures and graphics convey the intended message or distract you from the information at hand? Are there informational gaps?

So, check it out . We want to know your opinion. We need your feedback. We welcome constructive criticism. We want to hear from you!

About the author: Lina Younes has been working for EPA since 2002 and currently serves as EPA’s Multilingual Outreach and Communications Liaison in the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education. Prior to joining EPA, she was the Washington bureau chief for two Puerto Rican newspapers and she has worked for several government agencies.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in Greenversations are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.