Boo! Rainy Season is Here

EPA Photo/Kasia Broussalian

By Sophia Kelley
It seems like the Big Apple is getting wetter and stormier every year. Even if the trick-or-treaters stay dry tonight, it looks like more rain later in the week. In fact, I have to admit that I’m finally considering breaking down and buying a pair of the trendy rain boots everyone seems to wear these days. I used to scoff at them, thinking, ‘Since when does the average New Yorker have to wade through streams and knee-high rivers on their way to work?’ Apparently these days. And it doesn’t seem to be a passing anomaly anymore.

Wet weather ‘events’ are part of the reality of changing climate. Whether or not you believe in the human causes of climate change (but if you’re reading an EPA blog, I imagine you probably find our position on the subject pretty reasonable), the statistics are telling a compelling story. According to the National Climatic Data Center, the world’s largest archive of weather data, New York State and other parts of the Northeast had the wettest August-September in 117 years. After Saturday’s messy, slushy snow, it looks like October is continuing the trend. Take a look at this cool graph I found that shows the average precipitation in our area over the past century. Or for even more fun, you can change the parameters and plot your own graph to compare various indicators and even check out other parts of the country.