Pollution Prevention Week Starts Today

By John Martin

The EPA works hard to clean up pollution through various initiatives, including our Superfund, Brownfields and RCRA programs. What people might not always see are the ways we work to stop pollution from being produced in the first place. By partnering with other organizations to stop pollution at its source, we save considerable time, money and effort, while helping keep the nation clean.

Today kicks off Pollution Prevention (P2) Week here at EPA. From now until Friday, EPA’s New York City office will be working to educate the public on policies and initiatives that help keep our communities clean and build a more sustainable economy.

Throughout the week, across the street from our offices over at 26 Federal Plaza, experts from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) Water Resources Program, as well as our own experts, will take over a little bit of city sidwalk. They’ll be answering questions from passers by, and talking about P2 programs such as WaterSense and EnergyStar– both great programs for anyone interested in helping save our natural resources and keeping the environment clean.

Rutgers University has also been kind enough to send a local artist, who will be painting a rain barrel this Thursday in front of 26 Federal Plaza. She’ll be incorporating some of EPA’s most successful P2 programs into her work. If you’ve never seen a rain barrel or want to know how they help keep our waterways clean, and you’re in the area, stop by to say hello!