Celebrating Oceans Month

By Kasia Broussalian

A great majority of us usually pass the day without so much as a single thought of our oceans. There are exceptions, of course. There are those that indeed live by its movements—the fishermen, storm chasers and scientists that all breathe in unison with the waves. However, each of us, no matter how far removed, creates a tenuous link to the seas. Water travels from our oceans to our atmosphere, from the atmosphere to the land and rivers, and from the rivers back out to the ocean. Our upkeep and care of these bodies of water remains key to our daily lives now, and most certainly in the future.

Since the Canadian government’s proposal at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, June 8 has come to pass as World Oceans Day, and President Obama has proclaimed June 2011 as National Oceans Month. To enhance public awareness and participation in legislation concerning our oceans, as well as the protection of coastal communities in the face of climate change, the National Oceans Council will host 12 public listening sessions across the country in hopes of implementing an ocean policy aimed at addressing critical issues facing our oceans. Additionally, the National Oceans Council seeks public feedback and comments during this month for strategic action plans and ways to measure progress in tackling critical issues facing oceans, coastal cities and the Great Lakes. To provide comments and gain further information, please visit this site.

In the photo above, a boy dives from the pier into the waters below at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.  Please share any of your experiences with the oceans; whether they be a favorite beach, a particular issue, or even a fond memory that heightened your appreciation.