Announcing Greening the Apple, EPA’s New York City Blog

AppleBy Sophia Kelley

For the past several months (which at times have seemed like the longest months ever) a few of us in New York have been working furiously on a revolutionary idea – a blog! OK, so maybe it’s not so revolutionary, but we are thrilled to be able to announce the newest member of EPA’s blog family, Greening the Apple. As a writer with a background in journalism, I’m looking forward to participating in the less formal and more direct type of communication that blogging allows.

Our goal for this new endeavor is to increase communication, participation and engagement with everyone interested in environmental and public health issues around NYC. I’m hoping that this new forum will allow us to enter into dynamic conversations with the public, representatives of nonprofit organizations, and state and local government employees. The posts will cover topics related to urban environmental issues such as strategies for sustainable city living, healthy outdoor activities and urban escapes.

It is an often overlooked fact that behind the rules, regulations, and bureaucracy, government agencies are made up of people – real people. Greening the Apple serves to highlight the variety of interests and personalities that are represented by our diverse staff in the New York area. The blog is also a forum for new voices and perspectives to speak out regarding environmental and public health issues in and around the New York metro area. We aim to become a valuable resource for New Yorkers, commuters, tourists and anyone else interested in urban environmental issues that face cities like New York. We value your feedback and encourage you to comment, subscribe to our feed and become a vital part of our community.
Check out Greening the Apple and join the conversation!

About the author: Sophia Kelley is a public affairs specialist in New York City. She has been working and writing for EPA since 2009.