Comments on: Year of Science Question of the Month: Can You Think of a New Year’s Resolution to Improve Both Your Health and the Environment? The EPA Blog Thu, 30 Jul 2015 11:15:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: john Tue, 12 Jul 2011 12:57:03 +0000 tax breaks on recycling are a must for advancements in cutting pollution.


By: Al Bannet Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:37:28 +0000 A good new year’s resolution would be for the federal government to give tax breaks to corporations that recycle plastic and other forms of garbage and waste. The growing economy created the global mess we’re in, so it must get us out. We need 100% safe recycling.

By: Jackenson Durand Thu, 03 Dec 2009 18:18:23 +0000 Everyone should know that a good health come from happiness first at all and, this happiness would find where it would exist a good peaceful environment nature.
We ask ourselves this question all the time today; does human selfishness would allow health flourish for others between them in a case of Universal health protective?
The way I am going to improve both my health and environment for the New Year will be:
– Focusing on green and green earth natural Architecture.
– Continue to explore most beautiful Earth nature site anyhow.
– A perpetual search of happiness by sharing objective and goal.
– Eating green.
– Spread the word.

By: Lois Moore Thu, 03 Dec 2009 06:35:47 +0000 Simply put doing everything possible to bring hydrogen fuel cells to national forefront for all Americans.
The reasons are first because fuel cell work without combustion, CO2 levels are reduced by 50% or more and nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide the two major causes of smog and acid rain are negligible or eliminated. If the fuel cell is run on a renewable energy source, such as pure hydrogen, the emissions, including CO2, are eliminated entirely. Fuel cell vehicles using natural gas reduce vehicle emissions by 50%, and fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen produced by other means (biomass or solar electrolysis) eliminate emissions. CAFCP also claims that if the U.S. converts entirely to fuel cell vehicles, “gasoline consumption decreases by almost 70 percent. Fuel cells using natural gas.
• Cut your power bills by up to 50%
• Reduce your CO2 emissions by more than 1/3
• Produce 11x more energy than solar panels
• Eliminate Nitrous Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide
Currently school busses have 5 times the amount of nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide on board when compared to outside air. Meaning that we as a country are slowly poisoning our children twice a day to and from school. Little wonder, many have trouble focusing attention at school. Medical science has recognized for over 30 years the effects of these toxic gases on human health. It’s time to transform our generation and transportation to a more efficient and cleaner way of producing the services we need and bring a new economic model to revitalize and strengthen our country. Europe, Japan, South Korea and even china are leaving us behind by adopting this energy source that we the American people paid over 500 billion over 40 years to develop for our space program.
Now we as a country must step up and be heard and in 2010 we will be; for our environment, our children and our economy, its time.

Lois Moore Clinical Laboratory Technologist
President and CEO
Environmental Power & Water Generation

By: Michael E. Bailey Thu, 03 Dec 2009 05:25:35 +0000 It will be very important to continue the work for a more efficient and sustainable public transportation system that will integrate street cars. buses, and light rail into a unified system that will use alternative fuels like hydrogen and electric power. I also plan to continue my work as part of People First, California, Orange County Chapter, with improvements on Mission Viejo’s Oso Creek Trail. People First has been heavily involved with eliminating graffiti from the trail, with getting repairs made to the trail path, with getting a grocery cart patrol set up to collect abandoned grocery carts from the trail and the creek, with getting the city’s gardeners to take out the general litter as part of their gardening duties. What needs work now is the storm drains that empty into the creek. There needs to be some kind of collection system inside the storm drains to collect debris from streets before it gets into the creek. Best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

By: edgardo berraz Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:28:15 +0000 I think that is very few than I can about this.I will treat the improve my knowns about enviromental circunstances,and will colaborate with all the programs that yours could make,and then to follow my line of fitness and healthly life,it’s all I can.

By: wade harter Wed, 02 Dec 2009 21:53:29 +0000 I resolve to do all within my power (I wish this was a resolution of our gov’t officials. If it was they would realize that manufacturing creates jobs. what is common to all third world countries? hint, little or no manufacturing. why does China now own most of our national debt? another hint, they started manufacturing) to promote jobs. Work is rewarding, healthy and keeps one out of idle time. It is also good for the environment in that it produces goods and services to sustain a favorable standard of living.

By: armansyahardanis Wed, 02 Dec 2009 21:20:14 +0000 Yes, I can ! Most of the leaders in the world have “political will” to save the planet. They have credibility to grow the people of the world. Basically, all the people have instinct to be survive that to protect their health and their environment. That the national and global leader hope for Copenhagen Summit will be maintenance our natural resources. So, the people everywhere happy and enjoy in their place !