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Pick 5: eCycle!

2009 December 17

Hey Pick 5’ers, it’s time again for you to share what you’ve done and how you did it. If you haven’t done it yet, Pick 5 for the Environment and then come back to comment. Today we cover action #8: eCycle! Please share your stories as comments below.

While helping my grandparents prepare for their summer home to be remodeled, we came across various outdated electronics, including a number of ancient TV’s. I convinced them to upgrade. I explained how some stores offer rebates if you turn in your old TV when you purchase a new one. So instead of disposing of them, we decided to eCycle!. Grand Dad said “I remember when we use to just throw these things in the trash.” Like a lot of us, he didn’t know that many appliances contain hazardous substances that should be kept out of landfills.

Once we finished the house, it was amazing to see how many electronics we had for recycling. Amazingly, my Grand Dad still owned a Beta style VCR! I explained to him how each state has recycling programs to take old computers, DVD players or other electronics for recycling. We took the time to locate a facility near us and made several trips to the recycling center. We had two desktop computers that we were no longer going to use that we donated to the local boys’ and girls’ club. Cleaning out the summer home and disposing of the items in the proper way was a lot of work but it was well worth it for the Earth!

Learn more about eCycling

Plug-In to eCycling is a partnership program between EPA and leading consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers and mobile service providers that promotes opportunities for individuals to donate or recycle their electronics.

Don’t hesitate to share your other Pick 5 tips on how you save water , commute without polluting , save electricity , reduce, reuse, recycle , test your home for radon , how do you check your local air quality , and  use chemicals safely.

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About the author: Denise Owens has worked at EPA for over twenty years. She is currently working in the Office of Public Affairs in Washington, DC

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10 Responses leave one →
  1. Ambrosia Brown permalink
    December 17, 2009

    Beta VCRs are kind of cool. Some people collect that kind of thing. Of course this is coming from someone who has an atari…

  2. Michael E. Bailey permalink
    December 18, 2009

    I do recycling of any electronics that needs to be replaced. When I needed a larger capacity printer, I gave my older one to my friend who used it for six years before it needed to be replaced. My old computer, we donated to Goodwill Industries. Goodwill sent it to the Orange County Community Development Council that has a program with one of the colleges to train computer technitions by repairing and refurbishing used computers. It then went back to Goodwill and they are using it in one of their offices. Printer toner cartridges we turn in to our local electronics store for recycling. And used batteries we turn into the city’s battery recycling program collection center at our library. Best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

  3. Christine Cline-Cardot permalink
    December 18, 2009

    Douglas County, Colorado has a eCycle program at least twice a year. We have disposed of outdated electronics through this program, and it is a great relief to have this program available to us.

  4. Al Bannet permalink
    December 18, 2009

    I did some online research and discovered that plastic can be recycled and there is at least one company in the USA that is doing so profitably. Now all we need to do is pick up all the tons of plastic from the global ocean and deliver it for processing — simple (!)

  5. Eli McGowan permalink
    December 20, 2009

    Yes! my thought exactly!

    I have a bunch of old computers in my closet… don’t wanna be careless with the old credit card info on the hard drives… but more importantly, I’ve found uses for the parts over the years. ;D

  6. Allison Seils permalink
    December 21, 2009

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