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It is commonly believed that indoor air quality can be much worse than ambient air outside the home. The aged will be all the more susceptible, given their frail constitution.

Oddly, many people are bringing ozone, recognized as an environmental pollutant, right into their homes. They do this by using the wrong air purifiers which, ironically, they buy to improve their indoor air quality.

As you know, California is the first state to implement mandatory ozone limits to 50 ppb in air purifiers.
Have a look at the warning list of unsafe air purifiers at

People will not know until they are advised constantly or they will yield to unrelenting slick commercials. They may buy an air purifier to make the indoor air quality better for the old folks without realizing they may be doing more harm than good.

For the record I am not affiliated to any brands of air purifiers. Just an enthusiatic user looking for the ideal one to manage the air quality at home.

Min En