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U.S. waterways include coastal zones (at least 3 miles from shore) and Puerto Rico (Commonwealth) and U.S. Virgin Islands (Territory) are part of the U.S. (as are several islands in the Pacific).
I think its great for an ocean-going vessel to be working in the coastal zone … and it sounds like this is a survey to better understand how much debris is out there (hopefully for future action!).

Like you I hate the debris in our freshwater systems, too. Your state department of environmental protection should be in charge of that I think. Maybe you could also contact a local Riverkeepers to find out how they work.

By: Debris in OUR waterways Wed, 11 Feb 2009 13:20:37 +0000 It’s admirable to be collecting debris in Caribbean waters, but we’d get “more bang for the buck” in U.S. waterways. We sailed up the Potomac last May and had to be on “flotsam alert” almost the whole way. Not only the usual suspects of plastic water bottles and plastic bags, but huge chunks of wood (some with the diameter of telephone poles) were lurking in the river.

What can we do to clean up our rivers?

By: Joe Flood Tue, 10 Feb 2009 20:18:55 +0000 This is great. I’m sure most people don’t know that EPA has an ocean survey vessel and helps out in other ways too, like search and rescue.