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aun no tengo nada para calentar mi hogar,si ase mucho frio tengo que estar en cama o me muero de frio jaja

By: Richard S. Mon, 22 Dec 2008 22:02:18 +0000 Listening to the radio I just heard an EPA green tip for ‘saving the environment’. It recommended the use of plastic cutting boards vs. wood cutting boards in order to save trees and live a ‘sustainable lifestyle’.

First, the amount of wood used on this planet to make cutting boards as a percentage of the total amount of wood harvested is so small it’s not even measurable. The vast majority of wood consumption is used in building materials, paper manufacturing, consumable paper products and packaging materials.

Second and most significantly, wood is a sustainable product. Billions of trees are planted annually by the forest products industry. Millions of board feet of lumber are wasted every year in the United States alone due to insect, disease and forest fires because of poor national forestry policy fueled by emotional political arguments instead of science-based management policy. Politicians should get out of the forestry business and let trained foresters do their job.

Bottom line is that wood is sustainable and environmentally friendly; plastic is petroleum based and made from oil. The EPAs ‘green tips’ should also be scientifically based – I’ll take a wooden cutting board over a plastic one any day.

By: Mike Evans Mon, 22 Dec 2008 18:13:20 +0000 We use hot-water baseboard zoned heating system with a boiler run off of natural gas.