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By: Jorge Wed, 27 Aug 2008 14:07:33 +0000 I don’t have to change. I redoubled my efforts when gas hit $1.75 a couple of years ago. I actually get *better* gas mileage than the EPA estimates.

I keep a list of items I need at various stores and I stop there when it is closest to my direction of travel. I plan multiple stops and I number them in the order that is the most travel efficient.

And Obama, inflating peoples tires will only save gas if they are UNDERINFLATED to begin with. I have my own compressor and I check my tires monthly when cold.

If you really want to save a lot of gas, institute a nationwide ban on drive up windows except for the handicapped. Even a Prius gets ZERO miles per gallon when it is in the drive up lane.

By: Biscuit Sun, 24 Aug 2008 22:53:19 +0000 We use our 10 yr. old gas ride around lawn mower because we cannot afford to run out and buy another. Electricity is as expensive anyway as gas. An acre of grass is not done with a push lawn mower ( get a goat?) This is a stupid question anyway.. Next we just let the grass grow 3 ft. high and have a fire hazzard.