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Follow Up: What Would Make You Change your Driving Habits?

2008 August 19

About the author: Dominic Bridgers joined EPA’s Office of Public Affairs as a summer intern.

I believe a lot of people are changing their driving habits. I have done so myself. Usually, I tend to make one big trip. During the week I only drive from my house to the Metro in order for my commute to work. On the weekends I take my car for a spin once or try to carpool with my friends wherever we go.

Public transportation 56, High Gas Prices 25, Flexible Schedule 19, Saving Money 7, Working at Home 4I read some typical responses from the June 30th Question of the Week: “What would convince you to change your driving habits?” Almost half of you said if there was better access to public transportation you would dump the car and hop on a bus. Then, a quarter of you said you would change your driving habits based on the high gas prices we are facing, and another bunch said if their schedule was more flexible then you would change your driving ways. The rest suggested other things that would change their driving habits, like saving money, being able to work at home, and if it was easier to bike safely.

Thanks for your time in responding to “What would convince you to change your driving habits?”

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  1. Biscuit permalink
    August 24, 2008

    We use our 10 yr. old gas ride around lawn mower because we cannot afford to run out and buy another. Electricity is as expensive anyway as gas. An acre of grass is not done with a push lawn mower ( get a goat?) This is a stupid question anyway.. Next we just let the grass grow 3 ft. high and have a fire hazzard.

  2. Jorge permalink
    August 27, 2008

    I don’t have to change. I redoubled my efforts when gas hit $1.75 a couple of years ago. I actually get *better* gas mileage than the EPA estimates.

    I keep a list of items I need at various stores and I stop there when it is closest to my direction of travel. I plan multiple stops and I number them in the order that is the most travel efficient.

    And Obama, inflating peoples tires will only save gas if they are UNDERINFLATED to begin with. I have my own compressor and I check my tires monthly when cold.

    If you really want to save a lot of gas, institute a nationwide ban on drive up windows except for the handicapped. Even a Prius gets ZERO miles per gallon when it is in the drive up lane.

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