Comments on: Science Wednesday: High School Interns Take the Podium The EPA Blog Fri, 31 Jul 2015 15:03:35 +0000 hourly 1 By: Bill S. Wed, 06 Aug 2008 20:30:35 +0000 This is excellent. Exposing bright high school students to more science should be a top educational priority. These experiences may eventually help persuade some of these youngsters that graduate science is preferable to law school. However, it does seem that the current EPA’s policies are steered by folks with the law degrees, not by scientists. I wouldn’t want to discourage EPA’s interns about their work and their futures by telling them that in the current administration, science is the handmaid of politics and interest groups; they’ll learn that on their own soon enough. Scientists are traditionally apolitical, or they are supposed to be. But the effect is that science has little political clout and gets manipulated by politicians. Perhaps the answer is to give scientists a stronger role in the government. Have Congress pass an “Integrity of Science Act,” and create of Secretary of Science to ensure that it’s implemented. Maybe that’s somebody who can help ensure that EPA’s interns will want to go into science as public service without trepidation.