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Former Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (This site is no longer updated.)

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Saving Water, Saving Money, Creating Jobs

Protecting and preserving America’s water supply is a top priority for the EPA because it is a top priority for the American people. That is clear not just in the concerns homeowners and community members express to the EPA and elected officials, but also through the products they buy and the decisions they make as consumers.

That’s why the EPA is working to give consumers options to save water and save money through our WaterSense program. For five years, EPA has applied the WaterSense labels to innovative products – faucets, showerheads, toilets and more – that cut water consumption while performing as well or better than standard products.   

Last year a leading faucet manufacturer, Moen, was recognized as EPA’s WaterSense Partner of the Year. I recently visited the Moen Design Reliability Lab in North Olmstead, Ohio. I had a chance to tour the facility, where American workers are developing and testing products that help American families and businesses save money and preserve water. Moen’s entire product line has earned the WaterSense label; today they produce nine times as many WaterSense products as they did just three years ago. And because of the wide variety of WaterSense items they offer, Moen products are available to consumers at every price point. Just as important, Moen doesn’t just talk about water efficiency; the reuse 70 percent of the water needed for product testing.   

For Moen, this is about more than just doing the right thing for our environment. These days, informed consumers are demanding more of their products, making up a grassroots environmental movement that votes with its dollars. Seven in 10 consumers say they will choose brands that are doing good things for people and the planet, while 74 percent believe that our companies should do more to protect our planet. More than half of Americans say they will look for environmentally friendly products in their next purchase. By responding to consumer demand, companies like Moen can earn new customers, helping them grow and create new jobs and new environmental innovations.

Since the WaterSense program started five years ago, more than 2,300 partners have signed on. Today, about 53 million products have earned the WaterSense label, and the program has helped consumers save 125 billion gallons of water. That adds up to more than $2 billion in savings on Americans’ water and energy bills, and cuts of about 6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in our skies.

 The WaterSense program helps expand EPA’s efforts to protect and preserve water beyond just enforcing environmental laws. It helps us to tap the forces of the consumer marketplace and the innovative capacity of American companies. The end result is a situation where we are using less water, where we are saving consumers money and where we are creating economic opportunities for companies like Moen and the people they employ.  


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