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Former Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (This site is no longer updated.)

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Creating Jobs to Protect our Health and Economy

On Tuesday, Administrator Jackson spoke at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference in Washington, DC about the importance of creating green jobs to help protect our health and strengthen our economy.

In her remarks, the Administrator spoke about the important role environmental safeguards and commonsense health standards play in spurring innovations, creating jobs and boosting our economy. “We have reaped widespread economic benefits by facing our health and environmental challenges.  And we have the opportunity to continue to do so today,” Administrator Jackson said – citing a 2009 study that showed  $520 billion invested in energy efficiency today would net $1.2 trillion dollars in energy cost savings through 2020. That’s $2 in savings for every $1 invested. Administrator Jackson explained how President Obama’s plan to win the future by focusing on education, infrastructure and innovation were critical to a thriving green economy. Speaking on the topic of job creation, Administrator Jackson noted that the nation’s environmental technology sector employs 1.7 million Americans.

On the same day as Administrator Jackson’s speech, a study was released by the University of Massachusetts and Ceres that provided further proof that environmental protections translate into more jobs and a stronger economy for America.  The report showed that EPA’s upgraded clean air standards may spur the creation of as many as 1.5 million jobs over the next 5 years. By fostering job creation in sectors from engineering and construction to operation and maintenance of environmental technology, upgraded clean air protections improve the health of Americans and our economy.

“The bottom line is this: we can protect the health of millions of American families and do so in a way that will benefit the economy,” said the Administrator. “We can do that by out-educating, out-building and out-innovating our competitors. And by using commonsense regulations to spark innovation, reduce toxic pollution, and put people to work protecting our health and our environment.”

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