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Former Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (This site is no longer updated.)

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Information on EPA Endangerment Finding


The evidence of and threats posed by a changing climate are right before our eyes.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled three years ago that greenhouse gas emissions constitute air pollution, EPA set out to determine whether that pollution threatens the health and welfare of Americans.  In doing so EPA  undertook a comprehensive and transparent review of the soundest available science.  That science came from an array of highly respected, peer-reviewed sources from both within the United States and across the globe, and took into consideration hundreds of thousands of comments from members of the public, which were addressed in the finding. The conclusion: the scientific evidence of climate change is overwhelming and greenhouse gases pose a real threat to the American people.

The question of the science is settled.  The debate that should be taking place now is how to address this challenge and take advantage of the opportunity it offers. EPA is proceeding with common sense measures that are helping to protect Americans from this threat while moving America into a leadership position in the 21st Century green economy. Unfortunately, special interests and other defenders of the status quo are now turning to the courts in an attempt to stall progress.

EPA is confident the finding will withstand legal challenge, allowing the Agency to protect the American people from the significant dangers posed by greenhouse gases and carbon pollution.


Legal Basis PDF (1p, 117k)

Trasfondo legal  PDF (2pp, 32k)

Health Effects PDF (1p, 95k)

Efectos a la salud PDF (1p, 79k)

Environmental and Welfare Effects PDF (1p, 45k)

Efectos medioambientales (2pp, 32k)

Climate Change Facts PDF (1p, 39k)

Datos sobre el cambio climatico PDF (2pp, 33k)

Light Duty Vehicle Program PDF (1p, 39k)

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